Marketing: How do I prepare for after lockdown?

Dominic Frizzell

Marketing: How do I prepare for after lockdown?

With New Zealand, and indeed most of the world, currently in an unprecedented time of business shutting down, this may be the best time for you to take stock of your marketing strategy and plan ahead. DMM has prepared some action points for you to focus on during this time. 

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As a business owner or manager you can take some prudent steps to prepare and minimize the fallout of lockdown on your business. Your first question may be where to spend your resources in the wisest, most effective area. Generally, it is recommended that you maintain your marketing budget during any crisis to keep the momentum going. History has proven that actively marketing during a crisis results in better resilience and continued sales after the crisis is over. Keep in mind that marketing is an investment in your business. But where to begin?

1. Take stock of your Marketing Assets

Create a content library if you don't have one already. Now you can see what your marketing assets are and any gaps to fill. These will include photos, videos, blogs, presentations, white papers, e-books, email, infographics, articles you’ve published. Think of how each piece can be repurposed for other channels ie. a video testimonial that can be transcribed for better SEO performance. Look at how these can be used to market eg. social media or publications. Fill any gaps with new or updated content. Think of blogs that were intended to advertise future events, which have now passed. How can these be updated to still contribute to your marketing?

2. Revise Your Marketing Strategy

At the start of the year, you may have set out your marketing strategy for 2020. Most of that needs to be revised. With events coming to a dead stop and face to face sales now a no-no, what can you do to fill in those gaps. 

3. Plan Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is now more important than ever.   In a market that requires people to be connected via online rather than face-to-face, you have an opportunity to move your major marketing efforts to a channel that is faster, less expensive and more effective than traditional marketing. Email marketing to existing clients is still one of the most cost-effective and high ROI marketing tools when used wisely. 

4. Update Your Website

Time spent on updating the content and look of your website will pay off. Maybe all you need are now photos and blogs. Or maybe a new site will be best. DMM are experts at Wordpress and Woocommerce websites, but can also assist with other platforms. Get in touch if you are looking at a refresh or complete redesign

5. Record New Video Content

Video content is rarely top of a business owner's list of things to get done. Yet video is one of the most powerful and rising tools in your marketing arsenal. Video testimonials, interviews, product reviews and professional videos can be planned and executed right now. These can also be transcribed, which would be another way to add to your marketing library. Plan ahead on how and when these will be used, and which content will add the most to your marketing strategy. Stock video and self-made content should also be included.

6. Ask for Online Reviews

Ask your customers for reviews. This will help your Google and social media rankings. Make sure to review and respond to each review. You can do this on your Google My Business page or on the social platform the review is given. 

7. Get Fresh Brand Photos

Now is an ideal time to concentrate on getting those photographs sorted that you have been meaning to get to for some time. It may a good time to get great shots of equipment or showroom floors with no staff or customers to interrupt the photographer. Making use of someone local will also assist them with keeping their business alive, and probably get you a good price.

8. Keep Your Networks Strong

The type of industry or business you are in will direct how you go about keeping your network strong during this time. Some may find keeping in touch via video conferencing works for them, while others may only be posting to social media and connecting there. Whatever the avenue that works for your business, keep your network informed, and stay in touch. 

9. Review Your Statistics

Leads that come in today, may only turn into sales in six months, depending on your type of business. Review your analytics and sales/lead data to see where you are likely to be with your lead times in mind. What can you do today to prepare for the future? What can you do to make up for any lost traffic online or to open up new markets? Be proactive. 

10. Get Involved In The Community

Right now community involvement is more important than ever. With everything that is going on, there may be opportunities for you to contribute to the well-being or continuity of businesses and individuals in your community. Not only will this grow your footprint, it will create a positive sentiment in the community. It can also lead to some unexpected benefits such as media coverage. But at the end of the day altruism can, and should be a reward in itself.

With that being said, the times we are facing have their own unique set of demands which you may not have the tools to handle. If you require any assistance or advise, please contact DMM. We are marketing specialists and are ready to assist you.


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