Reviews for your business? Done!


Reviews for your business? Done!

Now is a good time to capitalize on reviews from your existing clients. Social proof has never been more important than now, since up to 90% of users will read a review before buying from you. 

Need some help with getting reviews for your business? Contact DMM now.

Here are a few reasons why reviews are so important:

  1. Social proof drives purchase decisions 
  2. Reviews increase your visibility
  3. Trust is established before even interacting with a potential client
  4. It gives you a bigger online footprint
  5. Reviews give you a communication line with your customers

The first thing you would need to do, is get your Google My Business page setup and optimized. This is where your review will appear and where it will carry weight for your potential customers in search results pages and on your Google Ads. 

DMM has created an article on how to claim your Google My Business page, and we are more than happy to assist if you need some help getting started or optimizing this page. We also recommend that you connect all your Google assets such as your Ads and Analytics accounts to make your reporting easier and get the most out of the Google Tools. 

Right now, DMM wants to help you get the reviews and this is how you can do it. Click on the link here and follow the instructions to get your Review Link. Then use this link on your emails, your website or your social media to ask your clients for a review. Easy peasy!

While we are at it, could we ask you to review DMM