The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing


The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing

We live in a world of information consumption. The more and the faster the better. Everyone reads, views, likes, and comments on online content every day. 

So content - or to be precise - good content really is king. Consumers and brands are more connected than ever. But if you don’t have a solid content marketing strategy in place, you are losing valuable leads.  Which ultimately corresponds to missing out on sales.

In this comprehensive guide, we have summarised all the information you need to plan an effective content marketing strategy. 

So how do you create good content?

The way content is being consumed is changing. Images and especially videos are the most engaging type of content across social media. Search engines are becoming smarter and getting better at showing users the most relevant content to suit their needs. Sometimes Google searches don't even lead to a click on a webpage, as Google already provides the answer. All this shows: only uploading the odd blog post to your website now and then is not going to get the right eyes seeing your content.

You need to feed your content through different channels and make use of cross-channel promotion. Identify which channels work best for you and your targets (Blogs, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Direct Mailing, etc.). Then tailor the content according to the channel you are sharing it on. Do research on consumer trends on the different platforms and within your industry. Keep your website up to date and continuously tweak it to get the best search engine optimization results. Planning and executing all this is what makes up your content marketing strategy. 

Most important: create content that provides value. That's how you beat your competition, show up in front of your ideal client online, and reach them when they are ready to make a purchase decision.

Use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide and get insights on the different components, which make up an effective content marketing strategy: 

Marketing: the Basics

1) Inbound Marketing explained

2) Marketing: What's in your Mix? 

      2.1) Marketing: Know your Customer

      2.2) Marketing: Know your Competition

Social Media

3) Social Media - Are You Getting It Right? 

     3.1) The Best Tools To Manage A Busy Social Media Schedule

     3.2) Social Media Advertising and Boosting - What's the Difference? 

     3.3) Social Media Stats Every Marketer Should Know

Google Ads & SEO

4) SEO: Search Engine Optimization Explained 

     4.1) SEO: Where to start and what to know

5) Google Ads Explained

     5.1) Getting the Best Results From Your Google Ads

     5.2) How to claim you Google My Business Listing

Digital Marketing

6) 7 Reasons You Should Be Using Email Marketing

7) The Best 5 Websites For Free Stock Photography

8) How to Blog successfully

9) The Essentials of Surviving The Future of Digital Marketing


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