About Dynamic Multi Media

We are your digital solution agency that puts great outside-the-box ideas into action to drive business success and create successful people. We work in New Zealand (the birthplace of DMM), in Australia, USA and the UK – and anywhere that our unique services are required! Based in beautiful Blenheim on the South Island of New Zealand, we are your local website developer. 

Our Central Ethic: Customer Satisfaction

At Dynamic Multi Media, we recognise that the strength of the partnership between us and our clients depends on our ability to deliver what they want and what will work for them. We are not a business that focuses on making as many sales as quickly as possible, instead, we commit ourselves to our clients’ goals and wishes and work to develop a relationship that will allow us to bring them to fruition.

We will customise the material we produce for you based on your needs and see that these are met, creating a long-lasting partnership that will benefit your business and ours well into the future.

The Team

Creators of quality designs and thinkers of fresh ideas.

We've brought together a diverse group of individuals with a wealth of skills. We love what we do and we are passionate about working with every single customer. We get invested in every project and enjoy working as a team. You see, it's just not a job for us. Every project is our baby, that we nurture and build up. We love seeing our babies grow up and become successful.

Meet the Team

Are you our kind of weird?

You see, creative thinkers are thought to be weird. But here at DMM we like weird. Are you an outside the hexagon type of person, who can come up with wonderful ideas that have punch and stand out? If you are a passionate and hard-working professional that can hold your own in a conversation about Star Wars and the inside of a paper bag ... flick us an email.

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