Getting the best results from your Google Ads


Getting the best results from your Google Ads

As Google Partners, DMM have helped unlock the potential of the internet as a sales and marketing tool for many New Zealand businesses using Google Ads.

Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) is one of the most popular and effective advertising platforms in the modern business world. Google Ads search ads connect businesses with their customers at the best possible moment, when the customers are literally 'Googling' to find products or services such as yours online. It is an essential part of the marketing mix in any business. 

google-adwords-partners-1Many business owners fall into the trap of financing poorly constructed and badly managed online advertising accounts. While these online advertisements may still reach your customers, they will also show up in a whole lot of irrelevant and untargeted searches, costing you precious money that could be spent elsewhere.

At DMM, we see so many accounts that overspend far too much because of uneconomical and poorly targeted settings in Google Ads. When working with us, our clients often end up paying less overall (including our fees) while reaching high quality website visitors that make Google Ads so effective. Using Google Ads alongside a clever content marketing strategy will be hugely beneficial to your business. 

Don't fall into the trap of overspending with Google Ads. It is very easy to do, and worst of all, it becomes hard to notice when you ARE actually wasting money if you’re not able to carefully read, interpret and monitor your metrics and results of your Google advertising

Google Ads still has lower costs and higher benefits than most traditional media methods, with the added bonus of targeting people right as they are looking for your product or service. Your business cannot afford to be absent in an online search where your competition is present.

At DMM, we do Google Ads management better, and for a great price. We put your interests first and set up online advertising that is economical, focused, well-targeted and effective, all while reducing your overall ad spend and increasing your return on investment. Talk to our Google Ads experts today about getting the most for your spend in Google Ads.