Social Media Stats every Marketer should know [Infographic]


Social Media Stats every Marketer should know [Infographic]

How many times have you opened Facebook today?
Have you read an article on LinkedIn within the last 24 hours?
Do you enjoy watching Instagram Stories? 

I guess our answers to these questions are all pretty similar. Looking at social media from a marketing perspective can take the fun away. It turns a place where you go for connections, inspiration and distraction into numbers that are to be analysed and raised. You might also wonder if all the effort that goes into keeping a brands profile up to date is really going to be beneficial. Let us tell you - it is. We have gathered a bunch of stats that will prove to you why social media is the right place to spread your messages and even more importantly: how to do so. 

This Infographic covers: 

  • Why LinkedIn is THE place for B2B Marketing
  • How you should create your content for the best reach on LinkedIn 
  • How and which Kiwis use Facebook and Instagram (spoiler: the pandemic had a pretty big influence)
  • How to create content on Instagram that's likely to generate leads 

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We have created a social media cheat sheet, that gives you an overview of the main channels including their pros and cons. Download the free PDF which will help you decide where to focus your energy on. Have fun using our tips and implementing the guidelines for creating your content. Please, tell us about your progress. We are very interested in what you are coming up with and how it's performing.  

If you need help with a campaign DMM can assist you in planning, composing, shooting and evaluating your content.

Simply write us an email or contact us on one of our social media accounts. 

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