Case Study: Website UX Design & Development for Top Flyte Systems


Case Study: Website UX Design & Development for Top Flyte Systems

Top Flyte Systems is one of the most innovative and forward-moving businesses in the market. That’s what they needed to convey with their web presence. We took on this challenge and developed a website that communicates their skills, services and product knowledge including a modern online shop that speaks to individuals as well as architects and builders. 

In this post we’ll outline how we designed a user experience that works for all their target audiences.

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Top Flyte Systems are designers and manufacturers of internal stairs and balustrades, supplying developers, builders and end-users. They provide all of New Zealand with custom-crafted unique staircase solutions, safety stairs for construction as well as products related to stairs. They reached out to us and asked us to update their website to represent all of that in a consistent design. 

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Create a website that encompasses Top Flyte System's goal to establish trust and confidence in the website user. Ensure the website experience enables them to easily find their desired solution while establishing brand awareness. Generate customer loyalty using a great UX design that seamlessly converts customers.

What is UX, and Why does it matter? 

Your website can be viewed as your strongest salesman. With the right UX, it will be able to make contact with new prospects as well as leave your regular customer with a good experience and feeling at every interaction. We have recently summarised What you need to know about UX in 2021. A modern, clean, easy to navigate website is what you need to keep up and stand out. Get your hands on our FREE 10 point guideline that gives you useful information on what your site should include!DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE UX DESIGN GUIDE


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A website that communicates through strong imagery. We focused on creating an aesthetically uncomplicated but catchy and recognisable experience. The customer’s journey from home page to enquiry or purchase had to be effortless and intuitive from start to finish. 
The corporate colour serves to raise brand awareness and the clean design transmits modern standards and quality. Obviously, we made sure our creation would look and work the same on every device. Responsiveness is something that should naturally be included in any digital marketing activity.

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The products and services are illustrated through striking visuals, because how else would you show your craftsmanship skills and the variety of installations you have under your belt? 




To meet every customer on his eye level we included all the industries Top Flyte Systems is working with right next to the products they offer. Additionally, it was important to portray the company's experience and history - to build trust -  we did that with incisive headlines and testimonials that speak for themselves. Artboard 1 copy 3-1

The best thing about what we do is that we can experience the final product ourselves. Creating the digital storefront for an online shop or telling the story of a company through strategic design is as fun as it is rewarding. Because we hear from customers like Top Flyte Systems how their new website made their customers' experience effortless and their work-life easier.

Are you ready to tackle your website? We are ready and waiting to talk to you about improving your online presence and creating great experiences for your customers.

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