Why do I need SEO services?


Why do I need SEO services?

Right now it is reported that Google users perform roughly 5.6 billion searches per day. That's 2 trillion searches every year! On average, websites receive 75% of their overall traffic from Search, according to Moz. That means that if you don't have great SEO, you are likely to be loosing a great deal of traffic. So how does SEO help you?

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1. Increased Sales

People are web savvy these days. They know how to do research, and they are likely already in the buying cycle when they land on your website in your search results. Your copywriter will implement SEO practices that convince your potential customer to buy from you as well as making it search engine friendly. If your SEO is done right, it will target people who are still in the decision-making phase, those who are evaluating competitors and those who are ready to buy. It will give them the right signals to gather information, make a decision and a call to action to get them across the line. For you to be visible at the right time in the right spot, your SEO company will be helping your provide the answers your potential customers need, right when they need it. At the end of the day, your aim is to bring in the business. With a great SEO strategy you can be sure you will get there.

2. Decreased Marketing Costs

SEO has multiple benefits for decreased marketing costs. If you think about what it means to have a website, you will realize that it has multiple purposes. It is an online brochure, a point of contact and a selling tool all wrapped in one. If you had to duplicate the results you can get with a website, you would have to print a multitude of brochures and posters, have a shopfront in every town and a sales team on the ground everywhere. Now your website saves you those costs. With Google Ads, you can also reach searchers with the intend to buy your product but don't know you exist yet. However, if your SEO is not up to par it will waste a lot of your hard-earned money. The first thing SEO does is cause your Google Ads costs to reduce, due to the Quality Scores on your website increasing. This is because Google recognizes that your website is trusted and relevant to the searches for which your ads are featuring.

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3. Trust and Credibility

If you are a new business, your potential customers may not even know your name. How can they trust an ad that shows up on Google Ads or any social media platforms? The first thing they will likely do, is search for your brand name. If they can find enough information online to satisfy them that you are indeed a real business, you have customers that follow you and have something positive to say about you and you are to be found in multiple places online they may be more likely to trust you. Within Inbound marketing, these signals are useful Search engines will also over time establish the credibility and authority of your website by looking at signals such as links from social media, other users and traffic to your website. SEO helps you establish all of these factors and maintain them, with a long term strategy to boot. 

4. User Experience

If your website is slow, is not user friendly or isn't getting people directly to the information they desire, it is giving them a bad user experience. (The less times the user has to click to get to the relevant information, the better.) This will cause people to leave your website quickly, which may results in higher bounce rates and less time spent per page (or less pages viewed). A good SEO company will use your website's analytics to build a picture of what your website users want, what is not to their liking and where improvements can be made. A solid local SEO strategy will give you more places to be visible to your potential customers, especially if you have a brick and mortar as well as online presence that work together. 

5. Keeping up to date with SEO

Google made 3200 changes to search algorithms for 2018. This means that just as you learn what is working for your website, they move the goal posts. The great thing about employing an SEO company is that they are going to educate themselves on every change. They will have tools and tricks to help them combat any negative effects and make use of any positive impacts any updates may mean. Another benefit is that SEO companies can implement winning strategies that they've seen working for other clients for you. They also keep abreast of what other SEO companies and your competition is doing on the web. That means they are in a perfect spot to do identify new opportunities and strategies for you. 


Great Search Engine Optimization should be your first stop in creating an online marketing strategy. In today's technology-driven world, millions of people access the internet every second of every day. Your aim should be to be there where they are and to give them the information they are searching for. This is what inbound marketing is all about, and this is where SEO is your best friend.

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