Why use Google Ads?


Why use Google Ads?

Globally Google accounts for almost 90% of all searches online, according to Statista. The chances are really good that some of those searchers are looking for the solution your business offers. If your business appears in their search results, they are likely to choose you over your competition. One way to make sure you get onto those search results, is Google Ads. 

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What does Google Ads offer you?

1. Selective Targeting

From matching your keywords to matching your target location, you can customize ads to reach that niche market you are trying to get to. You can make sure you target your customers at every stage of the decision-making cycle. With Google Ads, you can also retarget customers who haven't converted into a sale when they first visited your website. 

2. Qualified leads

As a marketer, your aim is always to reach the right customer at the right time. With Google Ads, you know the person seeing your ad, was searching for something specific. Your ad helps them find the answer, and can likely convert into a sale. With social media, ads are disruptive and likely the person seeing them wasn't even looking for what they are seeing. By using Google Ads, you pre-qualify leads to convert only the people who want your product. 

3. Control 

Before online marketing you had little to no control over who saw your ads. You paid for space rather than for quality, such as a page in a magazine. Whether it worked or not was completely outside your control. Changing a mistake on an ad was a costly and laborious exercise. With Google Ads you can start and stop campaigns at will. You can make small or large changes whenever you like. You can track and test different ad formats, and adjust your ads accordingly to be more effective. You can change focus halfway through a month. You can add or remove locations, audiences or keywords to control your costs and increase your conversions at any time. 

4. Return on Investment

With Google Ads you can specify the amount of money you are willing to spend monthly, or even daily, on your ads. Thus you can't overspend. You are able to specify focus areas that deserve more of your budget and have higher bids on keywords that convert better. You can track exactly where your money went, what conversions you received and conclude what works for your company. It is a cost effective advertising medium which can be directly linked to an actual sale in the real world.  Most other marketing forms don't have as clear cut an attribution model.

Different bidding strategies gives you the capability to reach specific marketing goals. So for brand awareness you may want to focus on getting the maximum ad impressions. For budget control, you can focus on setting a maximum cost per click. With CPA bidding can also control the amount of spend on higher converting or higher value keywords. Google Ads give you a greater sense of how your investment in marketing is working for you.

5. Quick Results

Getting to number one on search results is becoming increasingly difficult. You are competing with companies all over the world for the same thing: that all important first page, It may take years for SEO to build enough steam to get you to the number one spot, if at all. But with Google Ads, you can jump right to the top of the page. You can literally get to your customer first. (Sidenote: SEO does have an influence on Google Ads and we will discuss this in a blog in future.)

With Google Ads you can make sure the potential customer goes directly to the relevant page on your website you want them to see, and that they were searching for to begin with. This will increase the chance of them converting, as they don't have to work hard to find the information they want. Brand Awareness is another benefit to Google Ads, enabling you to make people aware of you who may never have heard of your brand before. This may lead to more sales to a new market, and can open up new avenues of marketing you haven't thought about before.


So, you may be asking yourself now Why Not Use Google Ads? With so many different options, and control over your own money it is a great way to get qualified, high converting leads for your company. 

DMM have Google Ads certified experts who love getting their hands on your ads. Our team spend their days looking at every click that comes from your ads, analyzing potential improvements and areas of expansion we may not have considered before. We treat your account as our own, and we are personally invested in seeing your conversions (and sales) improve. Our aim is to work with our clients to incorporate Google Ads into their marketing mix to create a seamless online and offline experience for the customers of our clients. As Google Partners we have the inside scoop on what is happening in the world of search and online advertising. We'd love to help you take your ads and your business to the next level. 

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