The Essentials of Surviving the Future of Digital Marketing


The Essentials of Surviving the Future of Digital Marketing

The business landscape is constantly changing and adapting. Disruptive innovation is something that many industries of today need to be constantly aware of (and constantly try stay ahead head of!).


The Wikipedia definition of disruptive innovation is, "an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leaders and alliances."

The classic example of a disruptive innovator is Henry Ford. If he had stuck with the norm, he would have produced faster horses. But he challenged the norm and put a new way of thinking and a new product out into the marketplace. Another example is Uber, which completely changed the way we think about taxi's today.

Disruptive innovation is all around us, and we're still at the beginning of the greatest global transformation of our lives. If they haven't already, disrupters are coming for you. Someone somewhere is thinking of ways they can disrupt you in your industry. Just because your company has survived the last 100 years, doesn't mean it will survive the next ten. Consider that 70% of businesses on the Fortune 1000 are new from within the last decade.

Protect Your Business from Disruptive Marketing

That is why DMM is here to partner with you in the new marketing arena. We are here to help businesses like yours protect themselves from disruption. We took a serious look at traditional marketing, and realised that it was an industry being disrupted. There was no single event that disrupted the industry, but rather the cumulative result of humans evolving and changing their behaviour. These stats are just some of the reasons we at DMM believe in inbound marketing...

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It's time to transform your marketing into something people love. Inbound marketing helps your business build your brand and create valuable content that will help you get found online. The idea is to create valuable website pages, blog articles, social media messages that are optimised to drive qualified leads to your site. It's VERY hard for someone to quickly replicate your content, your authority, and most importantly, the trust in your brand that you've built with your audience.

So, how does inbound marketing work? It's a new way of marketing that attracts strangers to your website and ultimately converts them into promoters of your company. That is, of course, the overly simplified definition!


Essentially, inbound marketing is a way to position your business as the leader in your space and provides you with a way to build trust and credibility with your prospects and customers (which is more important than ever in this age of disruptive innovation).

Inbound marketing is a way to provide value to your prospects and customers at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Top of the Funnel

We start at a very high level, providing broad information on your industry. Prospects find you without having to search for your specific company name. They begin to think of you as a leader in your space, and come back to your site. You provide information more and more specific to solutions and then ultimately, your brand, so they can consume at their own pace and see the value in doing business with you.

In order to attract customers, we need to provide them with something that they love and will help them in their buyer's journey. Inbound marketing helps you curate an experience that your prospects and customers will get value out of.

So, which tools are best to use in your inbound marketing strategy to create a strong, healthy brand? These are our top recommendations:

Tools to Attract Visitores

DMM can help your business create the assets and material necessary to protect it from disrupters. We can help you create your extendable core and keep your company focused on growing and reaching the right prospects.

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