Social Media - getting it right


Social Media - getting it right


Before throwing yourself headfirst into social media for your business, ensure you have a social media strategy in place to measure results!

Before you begin in the vast world of social media, ask yourself some tough questions...
  1. What are you hoping to achieve?
  2. What return are you expecting?
  3. Who will manage your accounts? 
  4. How will you manage complaints and negative comments?
  5. Are you adding value to your service/products?
  6. Will this drive sales to your website?
Whatever your goals, it is most likely that the best person to manage social media for any business is someone within that business. Social media needs to be right up-to-date and focused on the company's activities and goals. Only someone in-house is connected enough to ensure all posts reflect the company's attitude and brand.
There are obviously a lot of businesses who will offer to bill you for Social Media Management, but what are they promising exactly? What will you get for your money?
Consider too whether your potential clients are really on platforms like Facebook and Twitter searching for businesses and services like yours. If your target market is young people, or your product offerings have wide appeal and are inexpensive, then it could work for you. If you're generally targeting businesses or seniors who are less likely to be using social media, or you offer niche and/or more expensive products or services then you are probably better off using more targeted forms of customer acquisition.
The fact is that potential customers are best reached when they are actively seeking for their problems to be solved or needs to be filled.
This is not to say that social media is ineffective. The point is that you should not throw all your eggs into one basket or expect too much return beyond 'followers' and 'likes'. If you do wish to have a strong social media presence, we recommend you do it yourself as people in-house are the ones with the best knowledge of your products and your company, can generate original content using your company 'voice'.
We can help by setting up accounts and graphics, and we can help edit and post your information and messages, but the source of the information does need to come from you personally, otherwise you risk having irrelevant messages sent to the world in real-time about your business and products.
Consider coupling social media marketing with targeted advertising that drives people to your website. DMM offer Search Engine Optimisation and Google Adwords marketing services which help people find your business at the precise moment they search for services like yours on Google. Does a potential customer get more 'hot' than that?