Is your website mobile friendly?

Vanessa Frizzell

Is your website mobile friendly?


June 2019 saw the newest update to Google's Core Algorithm. Google started mobile-first indexing, which puts more emphasis on sites that are mobile responsive using the mobile version of a site for indexing and ranking. If your website is not mobile responsive, you will find that your website ranks lower than your competitors who do have a mobile friendly website. 

As more of the world has access to the internet at their very fingertips through their smartphones, the responsive design of your website is becoming increasingly important. The responsive design is what the mobile view of your website looks like, when it's minimised to be displayed on smaller screen sizes like mobile phones, smart phones and tablets. According to Google there are 40 000 mobile searches per second! This is why so much emphasis is being placed on mobile responsiveness. Searches from mobile phones account for more than 60% of total searches, and this figure keeps increasing. 


There are a number of ways that you can optimise your current website's pages to make the most of these extra mobile moments, where people are wanting to consume your content here and now and want to get in touch with you immediately. 

Make it easy to get in touch.


Google-My-BusinessMake sure that your phone number is a clickable link and it's easy for users to click to call direct from their mobile device.

Another way to ensure you are readily available online is to ensure your Google My Business Page is set up correctly. Google Search is the number one method of finding a business's phone number, so make sure yours can be accessed straight away!

Google My Business puts your business info on Search, Maps and Google+ so that customers can find you, no matter what device they’re using.

Another way to get your business seen is through Google Ads. This means that people beyond your normal reach would be reachable. 

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Be Google friendly.

 googleGoogle Search Engine's are now penalizing websites that aren't recognised as easy to use on a smart device such as a mobile phone and moving these sites down in the list of search results displayed. Google follow a set of guidelines that determine if your website is deemed mobile friendly or not, you can check these with Google's development tools. One of these rules includes having a security certificate installed that guarantees the authenticity of your website and your business. Another is the responsive design of your website.

Is your website mobile friendly? Check your website on Google's development tools.


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Be there and be useful.

adsShowing up gets your brand in the game to be chosen, not just seen.

Many consumers aren't brand committed so if you are there and giving them relevant content you are being helpful and serving up information that positions you as a trusted source. 80% of smartphone users turn to their phone at least once a day to search for information.

By giving your prospects relevant useful information you are building trust and they are more likely to become customers and long term supporters of your company. In today's world, people are not longer "going online", they live there.


Be quick!

Did you know that on average people view their smartphones 150x per day!mobile-optimised-1

In order to benefit from this your mobile website needs to load fast in order to deliver what those searching are looking for. 

67% of smartphone users will immediately switch to another website if it's too slow or not working for them on their device - anything more than 3 seconds load time is a signal that you should be increasing your site speed. Make sure you audit your website's responsive speed and ensure you take the right correctional steps to fix any problems.

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Finally, when it comes to your website's mobile experience, make sure you are asking yourself the right questions. Think about the points we've raised in order to get the most from your online presence in 2019 and ensure that you can be found when users are searching for you or your services.

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*Stats were taken from Google Partners Connect Resources. (DMM has Partnered with Google to offer Specialist Ad Services). 



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