Rene du Preez

Digital Marketing Specialist

René brings her experience in project management, public relations and marketing to the team. She is obsessed with metrics and passionate about end results, always focused on the bottom line. She likes getting things done, getting the ball rolling and getting all the efforts the team puts in, to work together to reach the goals. Once she gets her hands on a project, she likes figuring out the She is candid to a fault, so expect a straight answer. While not a native New Zealander, we have adopted her and keep her around to hear her take on reticent Kiwi’s, her travels here and adventures in Africa.

  • Likes: Rebecca’s coffee. Research. Learning new things. Travelling. Her family.
  • Dislikes: Ambiguity. Slick sales calls. Rats – the rodent sort and the human sort. Meetings to arrange meetings, to discuss something that could have been said in one email. Waiting.
  • Famous last words: Bring snacks!
 Rene du Preez